When a security trades at a discount or premium to its intrinsic value, key variables may  be unidentified, misread or not yet widely understood by the Market.

Investment Strategies Fund is a New York based Investment Partnership managed by ISF Management LLC.

Our objective is to earn superior risk-adjusted returns investing in publicly traded securities acquired at inherently favorable valuations, where there is a high probability of realizing a more realistic Market value.

We believe every security has an intrinsic value in relation to its capital structure, asset base, and prospects for cash generation (“Value Investing”). In our view, the principal challenge of Value Investing is to ascertain whether the factors and variables used by the Market to determine the price of a given security are accurate and relevant.

We complement traditional Value Investing methods with focused hands-on research, modeling, and analysis to more effectively assess a given company’s prospects for cash flow generation, growth, capital funding, and value creation.